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Boudoir is for the average woman

January 8, 2015 Boudoir

Why you need a boudoir session

You probably already know that the average size for a woman in the US is a size 14, but are you aware that the average plus size model is a size 8?  It’s no wonder that women in general have such low self-esteem when they look in the mirror.  When a woman looks and feels good, she exhibits such confidence that it is carried out in her mannerisms, her smile, her walk, and even the way she holds her head just a little higher.  I can make every woman feel that way with a boudoir photo shoot.

Before you stop reading, I want you to know that Boudoir is not just for models and thin young women who are already confident in the way they look to others.  It is especially for those lacking in the self-esteem department to show just how beautiful they are; even in their most revealing wardrobes.  If done correctly it will show your body in the most flattering lights, it will be extremely sensual, but it will leave something to the imagination.  This is photography that should be done for every woman, regardless of age or size.

You have probably seen photos of boudoir shoots over the years with gorgeous models and pinup girls covered with tattoos.  These are great for advertising but they are not the average shoot.  My goal is to make every woman’s session worthy of a front-page ad.  With the outfits of your choosing, with as much or little showing as you are comfortable with, and the right angles and lighting you can be shown just how amazing  your body is.

Boudoir photography can be a wonderful surprise for a significant other but it really should be thought of as a gift to you.  Your body is fantastic!  It is the only one you’ll ever get so cherish it, love it, and show it off.  Not next year when you’ll be in better shape, not next week when you have that perfect tan after vacation, not 20 years ago before marriage and kids, but right now!  Let’s take away the stereotypical boudoir model-you are her!

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