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Choosing Lingerie for Boudoir Session

January 2, 2015 Boudoir, Prep for session

Show off your curves with a boudoir session.

So you’ve finally decided to take that plunge and have some amazing and scantily clad photos taken for yourself or your significant other.  You probably have many ideas running through your mind about how your hair will look, if your makeup will look great in photos, etc, but what you should be most concerned with is what to wear.  Choosing the correct lingerie will help you look great, and feel more comfortable during your boudoir session.

Not all lingerie is the same.  That’s like saying all mayonnaise is the same when we all clearly know that fat free mayonnaise is NOT like the real thing.  It’s the same with lingerie.  It is NOT created equal.  You might find some cute items at your nearest Walmart but please do yourself a favor and back away from the poorly made corsets.

Think for a moment about your favorite pair of jeans…they probably cost more than the average, they fit you like a glove and they look phenomenal on your bod.  You get compliments when you wear them and they just make you feel good about yourself.  It’s the same with great lingerie.

I’m not saying you need to have custom fitted uber expensive lingerie but let’s face it ladies…this is probably a once in a lifetime boudoir shoot.  Let’s do it the right way!  Get down to Victoria’s Secret or that local lingerie place that you’ve always wanted to stop at but just didn’t find the right occasion…and splurge on a few pieces.  Don’t pick something out and take it home hoping it fits correctly.  Give your body the respect it deserves and actually have the salespeople help you get the right fit.  Try things on and take time to look at yourself in the mirror without that critical eye that you frequently reserve for yourself, but instead with admiration for the parts you love!

When lingerie fits correctly, it skims over your body like a second skin.  It accentuates areas you like and helps to hide the ones you have trouble with. It is comfortable, doesn’t bunch up or pinch, and you will feel beautiful wearing it.  You need to be as comfortable with yourself as possible and this is the place it begins.



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