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Miss Voo Doo Valentine

April 7, 2015 Photoshoot for publication


Recently, we had the opportunity to work with Miss Voo Doo Valentine and Confederate Customs Speed Shops.  This has been one of my favorite shoots, as with any shoot that features custom rides.  My first opportunity to shoot with Miss Voo Doo Valentine was when I first got into pin up about 5 years ago.  We did a fun cheese cake pin up shoot that was published in Retro Lovely magazine.  This was my 2nd opportunity to work with her for a publication and the style was the complete opposite of the previous shoot.

Since then, Miss Valentine has really made a name for herself in the pin up and tattoo industry.  She is an experienced pin up and alt model that knows how to capture the audience’s attention.

This recent shoot was with Confederate Customs Speed Shop in Hendersonville, TN.  I love the bikes and custom rides they produce.  This shoot featured several of their custom bikes and rat rods.  Working with Josh and the crew there is always a great time and I really enjoyed it.

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