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Nashvilles premiere pin up and boudoir photographer

February 27, 2015 Photographer

Nashville’s premiere pin up and boudoir photographer

Ray has been shooting experienced models, up and coming models, and private clients since 2009. He has been published more than most local photographers in nationally recognized ads and photo spreads. He has quite literally seen it all. He is focused on capturing your best features in the best lighting possible while making you feel very comfortable and relaxed. There is nothing sexy about stiff boudoir pics and believe me, they’re out there! He knows that in some cases, this is the most skin you’ve ever shown anyone, especially another man, and he will focus on maintaining your comfort while capturing that beautiful woman you’ve wanted to show off for years.

Ray is also a husband, a father, and a professional. He knows how he would feel, how his own wife would feel if anyone would be less than professional in any particular situation. That is why he ALWAYS has a female assistant present during a boudoir shoot (think of how your male doctor has an assistant in the room!) and you are invited to bring a girlfriend along for comfort, security, and encouragement during your session.

The privacy policy that Ray uses is set in stone. Private is private. YOU and only YOU decide whether you want your images used or not. Some women ARE models, are very proud of their images, are looking to get published and/or are just happy to share all images. These are the ones you see on the website…which is why the women shown on the site are predominantly models. If you say no to public images, Ray will not use your images, he will not show your images, and nobody else will ever see your images but you and the people YOU show them to. They are not even stored on local drives or easily accessible after your session. Period. End of story.

Now because it’s my journal I can add that I personally would rather have Ray capture my images than a female photographer. A man KNOWS what looks good to other men!! I know he will always make sure I look my best, will take out imperfections that I don’t want seen, will make my cleavage appear bigger if I ask him to, and will not gossip about me later to his friends. He simply knows what looks good and will do his best to make sure I am happy with the results. How could I not trust in that?

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