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prep for your boudoir session

February 27, 2015 Prep for session

Prep for your Pin up / boudoir photoshoot

You picture it in your mind…you in your sexy lingerie, perfect makeup, perfect hair, the perfect tan. BIG NO NO ladies! Please don’t try to get a new tan just before your boudoir session! No, we don’t want to keep you looking pale and yes, we know you prefer that deep dark tan late in the summer or whenever you can get to the nearest tanning bed or spray, but here’s why that is not a good idea.

Even though tanning beds and sprays have improved about 100% over the years they can still create very unnatural shadows and coloring that is extremely difficult to change in photos. If you tan outdoors you will inevitably have lines that won’t match up with your lingerie. This is also very difficult to correct in your images. Imagine that sexy lingerie with tan lines that don’t match up or light circles where the light doesn’t seem to hit (beside your breasts, under your arms, etc) and in a boudoir session that is the last thing you want. You shouldn’t have to worry if your tan lines are showing when you’re trying to be comfortable and natural. This doesn’t mean if you tan we can’t book your boudoir session, it simply means try your hardest not to schedule the “last minute” or even “week of” tans.

Ladies, the same goes for waxing, plucking and shaving just before your shoot. NO, we don’t want you to come in all hairy unless you like yourself like that and if so, we will not judge! However, we don’t want you to have a major shaving, waxing, plucking session just before your shoot. You will once again have uneven coloring, knicks, bright red spots or razor burn that is not easy to hide.

Yes, our amazing photographer Ray here at Pinups and Lace is a genius, but it is much easier to let him do his job well when there are fewer places on your body to correct. You want that flawless dewy looking skin for your shoots…don’t abuse it before you come in!

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