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What is the difference between Pin up and Boudoir?

March 26, 2015 Boudoir, Pin up

Pin up or boudoir?

So what is the difference between pin up and boudoir photography?  Although Pin up and boudoir photography are very similar, they are also very different.  When we started out, we were looking at providing high-quality boudoir photography in a comfortable and private setting.  What we found, though, was there were many women who just didn’t feel comfortable with boudoir but still wanted some fun, flirty pictures for their husband or boyfriend.  We offered a pin up-style shoot for one of our early clients and WOW!  We realized we had stumbled on something BIG!!!!

Pin up photography has allowed us to offer a whole different type of photography to a group of women who, for one reason or another, did not want lingerie pictures.  This style can still be sexy and flirty, but also allows for the big personality and playful nature of our clients to come out.  You can find a fun retro dress or old 1940s style bathing suit and let your beauty shine.

Boudoir photography is still a big part of our business, as well.  Boudoir lends itself more to the sultry and sexy. Lingerie, pearls, heals…all shot in a bedroom or intimate setting.  Still want a “for his eyes only” picture but don’t feel comfortable in lingerie?  It’s okay!  Imagine one of his dress shirts as an outfit choice…with heals…and very little else.  Or his favorite dress that you have?  We can bring out that sexy vixen and give you pictures you will be glad to hand over to him.

So, how do you decide?  Take a look around our site.  See what you like, what you think you would like to try, and give us a call.  Pin ups?  Or Lace?

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